13397070_1612984519012022_1169824983_oI had lost 10 pounds of fat!…  Making the resolution to start this journey with Rick’s help has been the best decision I could have made for myself. He holds me accountable, he’s an excellent trainer, and I know I’ll only continue to see results as long as I keep following the plan we’ve laid out.

Lexi Brudermann

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13444280_1614215302222277_1777817339_nI was never really an athletic person, but I have been overweight all my life.  I started working out on my own at the gym, but I soon found out that I didn’t have the knowledge or skills to drop the weight.  I first started with a personal trainer and would work out with them twice a week.  With my lack of results I lost my motivation and thought I needed something more demanding.  I started doing Crossfit about mid-March 2015, and while doing the strength portion of the WOD, I pulled my back.

Rick suggested that I join his strength training group to improve my form and reduce the risk of injury.  I have been training with him since and have seen so much progress.  I have improved my lifting technique, have fully recovered from my back injury, set new PRs, and I have lost over 10 inches off my stomach.  

When I first met Rick I was intimidated… I quickly realized he is very dedicated to his clients and focused on helping them succeed.  He is always very encouraging and supportive.  I now look forward to working out, and he is even helping me compete in weightlifting events.  I will continue to train and progress with his help, and become my best self.

~Victoria Stilwell  (To see Victoria’s video testimonial and here more of her story; Click Here!)


Screenshot_2015-03-13-09-34-57I have been a member of the gym for many years and a client of Richard for over a year. My fitness goals have been reached beyond my expectations. Along with common goals like weight loss and strength Richard has helped me increase my endurance, flexibility and mobility.

I am a 72 year old male and have had some medical issues over the past year. Richard has helped me work through this period and motivated me to keep seeking my goals with some custom applied programs. He is very knowledgeable, motivated and a great teacher. I am more fit today than I have been at any time over the past ten years, thanks to Richard’s help.

~Richard Barden






10296604_10203719099568668_5057448871598901366_nI started working with Richard Tarleton as my trainer the summer of 2013.  I had been working out on my own for years but felt that I was not making progress anymore.  Since starting with Richard I have been extremely pleased and honestly amazed by how much he has helped me improve in so many areas.  When I started I would jog a slow 13 minute mile.  I can now run a 9 minute mile as well as a 5k in 33 minutes.  Endurance was definitely a weakness for me so I couldn’t be more pleased.  My posture has improved and my back, neck and shoulder pain have completely gone away. 

One of my original goals when I started working with Richard was to have more food fun and have an easier time maintaining my weight.  I can honestly say that I am able to eat more while maintaining my weight, my muscle mass has improved and I have lost body fat. Usually as we get older we start to feel worse rather than better.  But I can honestly say that at 55 I feel better than I have in many, many years.  I am so happy with my program and look forward to continuing to train and improve with Richard Tarleton.

~Dee Patton




FB_IMG_1437586286949I originally joined the gym with the purpose of doing the scheduled classes, and very much enjoyed them for over a year. One day a friend was talking about signing up for group training classes, and thought this would be a great way for us to improve. She started without me, and after a few months of hearing how happy she was with this decision, I reluctantly agreed to give it a try. Having had no real formal weight training, I honestly thought this would be too much for me. I had lower back problems, lack of overall strength, the usual aches and pains of getting older.1898253_10203208708009198_164517111_n

I was so wrong! With Richard’s knowledge of body mechanics and muscle function, he tailors the workouts to us as individuals even though we are in a group basically doing the same workout. Thanks to his encouragement and positive “you got this” attitude I have improved so much over the past year. I feel stronger and better than ever at the age of 60!
I highly recommend Richard to anyone looking to improve strength, overall fitness, and general health. He will take good care of you!

~Ivy Burstein



FB_IMG_1431549912023I am a 68 year-old male retiree.  I have been a client of Richard’s for almost five years, during which time he has guided me through rehabilitation following two back surgeries, and most recently, a broken foot. 

Richard’s knowledge and experience, not to mention patience, have resulted in success all around.  In addition, my strength, balance and flexibility have all improved to the point that I feel I am in very good shape for my age.  Richard is constantly pushing me and showing me new moves to improve my exercise routine.  He has helped me with information on diet and posture.  I feel that he takes my situation seriously, and that he is genuinely trying to help me, while making the whole process a lot of fun.  Thanks Richard.

~Pat Patton