New Year resolutions fail 99% of the time…  The reason why is people just don’t follow through.  The minute it gets hard or boring, they give up and move on to mediocrity.


How do you break that cycle?

1: Truly decide you have to change your life.

Whatever your goal, to achieve it will take changing how you operate.  Most people fall into a day-to-day pattern that is hard to break.  It first takes committing to changing those patterns that help you succeed.

2: Make a plan.

Those who do not make a plan, are by default planning to fail.  Take time to put together a cohesive strategy for your success.  Be sure to define what problems you may face and how you can win against them.  Have contingency plans ready to keep you moving forward.

3: Take Action

All the planning in the world means nothing unless you take action.  Stick to your plan and no matter what distractions come up, don’t give up.

4: Surround yourself with success.

Eventually progress will slow and the process will get difficult.  Having a support structure surrounding you will help keep you going.  Having your friends, family, and coaches all working with you towards your goal will help you get through the worst of times.

5: Set and achieve new goals every day.

Small steps lead to big success.  Make a daily list of the little things that can help you attain your larger goals.  If your overall goal is to transform your body, a daily diet checklist for water and meal intake is a good start.


Start out the New Year with success.  Set your sights on success, make a plan, and go to work!


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