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Professional Health & Wellness was born out of the commitment to my clients.  I have been  involved in the health & fitness industry for several years, helping hundreds achieve their goals; however, knowing the typical gym profits only from the fact less

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My fitness goals have been reached beyond my expectations.

I have had some medical issues over the past year. Richard has helped me work through this period and motivated me to keep seeking my goals with some custom applied programs. He is very knowledgeable, motivated and a great teacher. I am more fit today than I have been at any time over the past ten years, thanks to Richard’s help.

Richard B. 72 year old Male

I have been overweight all my life.

I have been training with him since and have seen so much progress. I have improved my lifting technique, have fully recovered from my back injury, set new PRs, and I have lost over 10 inches off my stomach.

Victoria S. 15 Year old Female

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    The Power Couple

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  • Going Independent – Becoming an independent personal trainer

    Going Independent – Becoming an independent personal trainer

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  • Should I use a “Lady Bar”?

    Should I use a “Lady Bar”?

    The “lady bar” is smaller diameter and around 10lbs less than the standard 45lb/20kg barbell.  When starting their training for weightlifting and Crossfit, novice female athletes often ask, “Should I use a lady bar?”  If you are not sure, ask yourselfRead More »
  • Should I work with a personal trainer?

    Should I work with a personal trainer?

      As a personal trainer, I have had years of experience when it comes to getting new clients.  One of the reasons I have such a high long-term success rate is because I have learned to vet out my prospects.Read More »
  • Fit on $50

    Fit on $50

      People complain all the time how they can’t eat well on a budget… Fifty-bucks, 20 minutes in the store, and an hour in the kitchen…  5 days of meals prepped.   Everything a growing athlete needs.   This tookRead More »

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