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Professional Health & Wellness was born out of the commitment to my clients.  I have been  involved in the health & fitness industry for several years, helping hundreds achieve their goals; however, knowing the typical gym profits only from the fact less

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My fitness goals have been reached beyond my expectations.

I have had some medical issues over the past year. Richard has helped me work through this period and motivated me to keep seeking my goals with some custom applied programs. He is very knowledgeable, motivated and a great teacher. I am more fit today than I have been at any time over the past ten years, thanks to Richard’s help.

Richard B. 72 year old Male

I have been overweight all my life.

I have been training with him since and have seen so much progress. I have improved my lifting technique, have fully recovered from my back injury, set new PRs, and I have lost over 10 inches off my stomach.

Victoria S. 15 Year old Female

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  • The weight loss benefits of cheesecake.

    The weight loss benefits of cheesecake.

    Let me start off… there are none. There, I said it.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you think eating 600 calorie slices of cheesecake goes along with your weight loss diet, you are misguided. Not to take away allRead More »
  • The different types of Training Services

    The different types of Training Services

    People typically join a gym only to walk on the treadmill, do some dumbbell curls, and maybe join in on some large classes.  Usually after 2 weeks, they are not seen in the gym again until they want to cancel theirRead More »
  • Quick and Clean Nutrition

    Quick and Clean Nutrition

    This strategy has worked for me in the past get back on track with healthy eating.  Everyone is different and have different nutritional needs.  That being said, consult your doctor before beginning a diet or fitness plan. ********** Like everyone else,Read More »
  • Why you need to push yourself

    Why you need to push yourself

    “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” ~Socrates We liveRead More »
  • The Power Couple

    The Power Couple

      THE POWER COUPLE In the gym there is that couple which seems to separate itself from the crowd.  They walk around the weight room smiling at each other while sculpting their bodies. They seem invulnerable, and better each otherRead More »

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